Weekly Wonders #12

So I have been going to the gym for over a week now and it is safe to say my muscles are not used to all of this exercise.  My routine at the moment seems to be: go to gym, wait for muscles to stop hurting, go to gym again. This week I have been feeling a bit more organised and  have actually had some vague ideas about what I might want to do next career wise (grown up, I know!  I’ll probably feel differently in about a week).

Here’s what I enjoyed this week.

Getting some organisation!
I was not very organised last week.  My Weekly Wonders post went out at about 9pm on Wednesday and I failed to post anything else after that last week. I am trying to work out some kind of routine where I sort out what I am going to blog about a couple of weeks in advance and write drafts of the posts at the weekends.  This should leave the weekdays to  just tidy up and add photos, and hopefully leave more time to interact with people, which I am a bit hit and miss with (but I am getting better!).  We’ll see how it goes, if I manage to actually stick with it things could run a lot more smoothly.

Knowing my limit
I have quite enjoyed trying out all the different classes available at my gym.  Last weekend I signed up to one called ‘Fat Burn’.  I naively thought it would just be aerobics or something. Boy was I wrong!

I got there and a slightly intimidating male instructor told us all to grab a bar weight and a couple of mats.  I did so and he told us to start squatting and thrusting the weight up when we came up from the squat. Then we added in some push ups. That was just the warm up.

I considered leaving when I realised this was a bit more serious than I expected it to be, but made myself stay to the end.  It only got harder and the instructor’s method of motivation was telling us that it should feel horrible. You might feel like your heart is going to explode! Your legs should feel like they’re on fire! You might feel a bit sick, that’s normal.  

By this point, I knew I was not coming back to this class.  I know exercise should be challenging and you should push yourself, but I do not want to burn fat that badly.  I want to feel some level of enjoyment from my exercise.  I do not want to spend 45 minutes just wanting it to be over.

I am glad I went to that class but I am also glad that I know I am not that serious about getting rid of all my wobbly bits.  Your body is meant to have some fat, right?  Body needs to stay warm during the winter months (usually the summer months as well in England)! I just want to be healthy, and I feel like I can do that without taking such an intense class.

Photography Book
Working in a college library has advantages, one of them being able to take books out. Sometimes when it is quiet I just roam the shelves and look for things to take out myself. As I am trying to take a photo everyday this year, it would probably be a good idea if the photos were actually decent.  A photography book came in and I am excited to see if it helps me think a bit more about what would make a good picture, and hopefully inspire me a bit.  I really want to buy a new camera, but the one on my phone is pretty decent, so I won’t let myself buy an actual camera until I feel like I could appreciate and use it to it’s full potential.

Laura Mvula
I always associate this woman with my last year of university because I really got into her the summer just before it when I got to see her at the Isle of Wight festival.  She just released a new song and it reminded me of how awesome she is!


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