An Unpleasant Thought

Another fact that I occasionally say without really remembering the details or where I heard it is that we are running out of chocolate!


Obviously, no one want this to be true.  I love chocolate.  If I am slightly peckish I will always consider chocolate as snack, I won’t always give into temptation because of trying to be healthy, but it usually crosses my mind.

As far as I can tell from the teacher that is the internet, we are not quite running out of chocolate, but demand is getting higher.  Other countries that weren’t all that interested in it before are wanting a piece of the action.  Dark chocolate is also becoming more popular and that uses more cocoa.

The problem is that this increase in demand is happening faster than it can be supplied. Bad weather and farmers wanting to grow crops like corn instead means that we are consuming more chocolate than is being produced! There will be less chocolate to go around! This will make prices go up and chocolate bars contain less cocoa, they’ll be padded out with things like sugar and nougat instead.

Hopefully the day will never come when we are well and truly out of chocolate. We may have to get used to chocolate not being quite as readily available though.

The only thing we can do is appreciate it while we can I suppose. It is not like we can stock up, because who wants old chocolate? And the whole problem has come about because everyone is buying so much. Do not panic buy chocolate! We’ll manufacture our own downfall!

With every bite I shall think of some dystopian future where you have to save up to buy a box of Jaffa Cakes, where Freddo Frogs cost over £1, or where giving someone a box of Quality Street for Christmas is considered extremely generous.

I’ll start this appreciation now, with this bag of Celebrations.


Chocolatey research from The Telegraph, Huffington Post and BBC Newsround (it may be for kids but it was an interesting resource!)




4 thoughts on “An Unpleasant Thought”

  1. When I was in high school, I did Script Frenzy and my movie was about terrorists who destroyed the world’s chocolate supply, and these 4 girls who banded together to bring it back. It was terrible. But hilarious. I’m super sad I never backed it up. It’s gone forever.

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