Weekly Wonders #13

I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated this week and probably need a bit of a kick.  I am not really sure why, sometimes you just want to make less effort. Sometimes you just think is everything I do actually terrible?!  I know that the answer is no and that kind of thinking won’t get me anywhere! So here are my Weekly Wonders to hopefully shake me out of this mood.

Seeing friends!
This weekend I am seeing a few of my university friends in Birmingham. I have never really been to Birmingham, so this is pretty exciting.  We have booked a hostel for Saturday night so hopefully we can find a cool bar or club to go to, but I won’t drink too much because my hangovers are no laughing matter these days; probably even less so when I have to make a two hour train journey home.  I am not sure what we’ll do in the day, my suggestions have mainly consisted of the aquarium?  I also hear the public library there is very swanky (aren’t I cool?!).  We’ll think of something.

I somewhat impulsively took a French module in my last year of university.  I already had a GCSE in it and this module took me up to AS Level.  Since then I have been trying to keep it up with Duolingo and attempting to read books in French.  

I read a very basic French book recently and thought I was ready for a short novel.  It is not going great, I feel like I might be getting the gist while simultaneously completely not getting the story.  I thought aloud to R how it might be easier if I read a book I had already read in English, in French, like Harry Potter.  I couple of days later R gave me a small present, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in French! I have already read a few pages and I think this might be the way to go.  Get used to reading French, then worry about trying to work out the story.

Any excuse to read Harry Potter!

Logging out of Facebook
I tried the much more dramatic act of uninstalling Facebook from my phone, but for some reason my phone just said it would restore it to the factory default version.  It was on there when I got the phone, maybe it is impossible to get rid of.  

I wanted to do this because while Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends, when I scroll through it on my phone I don’t really feel like I get much from it.  So I thought, how would I feel if I just got rid of it on my phone? Turns out, not that different! I still have the messenger on my phone because that is pretty much the main way I talk to people I don’t get to see regularly, but I really don’t miss the Facebook app.

Stevie Wonder
I downloaded a Stevie Wonder compilation last week and listened to it while waiting for my bus into work.  I may have started bopping along at the bus stop.  Anything that makes you dance a little bit at half 7 in the morning is just fantastic.


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