Trying To Stay Organised

My organisation has slipped a bit.  It can be hard to stay organised when you’re busy, but at the same time it is essential to be organised if you are a bit busy, otherwise I find that not alot really gets done.  

I don’t really class myself as that busy. I work full time but my hours are very set. I don’t have to stay late to finish off work, the only time I have had to stay in longer is when a colleague called in sick and we needed someone to cover.  Usually, once it hits 4:45pm I logout of my emails and back away from the desk. Everything can wait until tomorrow!

I am worried I will look back on this time when I have more on my plate and think but you had so much time! You could have done so much more!  That is pretty much how I look back on my student self.  If I went to university now I would do so much more.  All those days huddled in a duvet nest on my floor watching old sitcoms and eating cheese could have been so much more wisely spent! Although then I would have never got round to watching Seinfeld and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I haven’t watched any in a while, maybe I’ll buy a box set…

There is nothing wrong with having the odd day where you watch many episodes of a TV show, but sometimes I do have to remind myself to do something a little bit more engaging.

Like actually reading blog posts rather than just scrolling through Twitter or WordPress, tidying the flat or washing up while I daydream about how much I am looking forward to Glastonbury this year, rather than doing it while sat down staring into space.  Actually going to the gym rather than just thinking about it and whether I will ever brave the changing room.

I could be more efficient, basically.  If I remind myself to be more engaged and mindful about what I am doing, I don’t need to feel bad about binge watching The Mindy Project every now and again.

I think I have Headspace to thank for bringing to my attention that if I am bit more mindful, I actually pay attention to what I’m doing and realise when I am wasting time. It is very easy to get distracted with all this internet buzzing around everywhere and sometimes it helps to take a step back and think what am I actually doing here?

It is great to come up with a plan and set out when to be productive, but if I get better at noticing when I have been distracted then staying organised would be a whole lot easier

I totally just checked how much Seinfeld The Complete Series was on Amazon and it was almost £100! That’s not happening.


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