Weekly Wonders #14

This week will hopefully see me ease back into blogging regularly after my bit of time slacking off.  That’s exciting! The other things that excited me this week are…

Looking Forward to the gym
If you’d have told me 5 years ago that not only would I voluntarily exercise, but I would also kind of look forward to it, I would have laughed in your face.  Then I would have eaten some cheap pizza and gone back to the dark, messy nest that was my student bedroom.  

Now however, I actually think oh, I have my Legs, Bums and Tums class tomorrow.  GOOD.  Good! Who would believe it?! The class having a slightly cute trainer does help a bit. What?! Who said that?!  

I also ran into a girl that goes to my Zumba class at a house party a couple of weeks ago, we exchanged numbers and added each other on facebook and now I feel like I could actually speak to her during the class and maybe make a new friend!

Joining the gym has taken out of my comfort zone a bit and makes me feel more active, so I feel like it has been a worthy investment.

New Fresh Meat!
I know this will probably only mean something to readers in the UK, but Fresh Meat, my favourite TV Show about a group of students is back this week for its final season and oh my I am excited about it.  

As much as it is nice to live in a flat with only two of us in, with most of the mess being made by messy ol’ me, (one of my university friends once called me queen of the floordrobe, this title is well deserved) I do slightly miss living in a house with a group of people. Even if it occasionally meant walking into a kitchen filled with unwashed dishes, or having no choice about whether to attend a party because it was happening in your living room.  It also involved many fun things, like someone buying a mannequin from a charity shop, leaving ample opportunity to hide her places and scare people coming home from nights out.  

Watching Fresh Meat gives me a chance to think back to this time fondly, plus the last season is set in their last term as students. Their fear of what to do once all the fun of university is over is so relatable I just want to give them all a hug.

Jack Garrett   
This guy’s album came out a few days ago and it is so good! When I came back from my Legs, Bums and Tums class and was stretching this song came on and I kind of lay on the floor and felt a bit emotional.  I blame the exercise endorphins.


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