Off On Holiday

I am a bit annoyed at myself because I wrote three quarters of a Weekly Wonders post for this week and then went and forgot to finish before heading off to MADRID!

Yes, if I had posted my Wonders post like an organised person then I would have mentioned that R and I are headed to Madrid for 5 nights. I am quite looking forward to it. I switched to Spanish Duolingo a good while ago but I still feel a bit nervous about remembering anything. I can think of me gustaria vino por favor, so that should be okay.

I have not really been to Spain before, except from a family holiday to Menorca when I was 8. The kind of holiday where you just sit on the beach or get sent to some kids activity during the day and brave the bar with dodgy karaoke at night. So I don’t feel like I really got a taste of Spanish culture, more English people being massive tourists.

So I am excited to go to Spain properly and experience it. R is going to a Game of Thrones Card Game tournament on the Saturday and Sunday, something I have no interest in (apart from maybe the going out drinking after everyone has finished playing part) so I will get to spend a couple of the days on my own, something I have not done before in a foreign city and something I am a bit excited about. I have always wondered what it would be like to travel in my own and this might give me a nice taster.

The time to myself might mean I could perhaps write a couple of blog posts, which would be good and organised of me. Even if it is just some photos, I reckon it would be a good way to document it.

Right now I am sat at the gate waiting patiently to be let on the plane. See you on the other side!


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