Update From Madrid

Madrid’s awesome! The Sun is out, which is already a massive improvement on the wet, cold and windy England we left behind. Although we did a Walking Tour on our first day and our guide said that we were very lucky with the weather, so I guess we might be seeing it in a better light than usual weather-wise.


After the walking tour R and I wandered around some more and headed to Casa de Campo, which is a MASSIVE park. We only walked around a tiny fraction of it and we were there for a good while.


Yesterday and today R had his Game of Thrones tournament so after I left him to it I made my way back towards the flat and a museum I was planning on going to.

At some point I went the wrong way and realised I had no idea where I was. Then I remembered that did not really matter! It was still morning, I did not have anywhere to be, so I just walked for a while and it was really nice! Whenever I go to a European city that is not England I always moan about how England is nowhere near this pretty! What’s up with that, ENGLAND?!



I luckily walked past a metro station I had seen on my map before and that helped me get my bearings. I challenged myself not to get my map out and to see if I could trust my sense of direction. It turns out that I CAN because I stumbled upon just the museum I wanted to go to. I think I was so shocked that I swore.

After that I headed to Retiro Park, which is bloody lovely!



I also took in the local Primark, which blew me away slightly. In England Primark is the cheapest clothes shop and it usually FEELS like it when you walk in. This Primark however, was pretty classy. I did not even buy anything, I just walked around swearing under my breath.


I would definitely recommend Madrid as a city to have wander around in, especially when the weather is this nice.


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