A Spot of News

Well hello there! It’s been a while, too long in fact. Let’s not let it get this long again.

The reason for my inactivity is that after much deliberation and discussions and pulling out of hair, R (my boyfriend of nearly four years) and I split up.

I’m okay. It was not an easy thing to do, but I hadn’t felt great about the relationship for a while. I am still trying to work out exactly why.

It could be the fact that we met when we were 19, which seems like bloody ages ago and people change and sometimes it just makes things too difficult. It could be that I was not ready for something so serious. It could be that I need some time by myself. I’m not too sure yet.  I think there are reasons that I will come to understand while I process the whole thing, as well as other reasons that I probably don’t need to go into on here.

After that happened I went to stay with my mum, which made my commute several times longer and more expensive. Fortunately the first room I went to look at was in a house with four other girls, who seem very nice, and two cats, who are adorable.

Handsome Bastard

I have just moved in and hopefully I can get back to having a sane commute and a social life and a regular blog schedule.

So yes, I am tired. I found the past week quite frustrating because I wanted to get to the part where I can start going out again, spending more time to myself (reading, writing and watching weird documentaries, among other things) and going to the gym again.

In the past week I think I have drunk more coffee than I ever have in my life and felt like I was waiting for life to start again. I don’t like feeling like I am sitting around waiting. I don’t like wanting life to hurry up, but by the end of the week I should be all moved and settled into the new house and I am very much looking forward to getting things back on track.  And having a big glass of wine.


9 thoughts on “A Spot of News”

  1. Life is good. Believe it or not, you’re blog has played a part in me believing this. Obstacles bring growth, and it sounds like you’re ready for the chapter in your life. Sending you positive vibes from California!


    1. Haha I managed to skip over the mistakes and understand what you meant 🙂 That is so nice to hear! I think you’re right, looking forward to what the next chapter brings 🙂 Thank you!

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