All Moved Out II

I wrote a post a few months ago about the struggle of taking everything I owned out of my mums house.  Not just the stuff I needed, sentimental things I cannot throw away like photo albums and the weird things I wrote at school when I was five. If these things disappeared I would probably never notice, but whenever I find them I have to look at them and say awww.

When I originally told my mum I was going to have to move she said that she would not be able to help and it would probably be best to get a proper van to get the job done.  I accepted this with a shrug and said yeah, I’ll look into it. There’s only so many times you can make your mother cart all your earthly possessions around.  About a week later Mum decided that actually, she had not had enough of it and that she would help.

I did have a couple of offers of help from people I knew with cars but I felt like they did not really know what they were volunteering for.  I felt like if I accepted their help they would probably regret offering it. Mum knows my ability to hoard junk, she knew what a task this would be.

It took several trips back and forth to move my stuff but luckily my new place is not that far from my old place.  I did throw away about 3 bin bags of rubbish and gave about three other bags to charity.  Plus after a quick Google I discovered that Jade Trees are toxic to cats and thought I better not risk poisoning my new housemates pets.  Mum took my beloved plant home with her, where I am sure it will be looked after much better (I still haven’t repotted it).  So I got rid of some stuff.

Once everything was in the room, it was a little bit overwhelming.  I sat and stared at it all and my new housemates were probably judging how much stuff I had.  Luckily there is loads of space under the bed so a lot of things have been stuffed under there to be thought about at a later date (maybe next time I move and curse myself for having so much junk).

This was about the time when it started to look like a bedroom and not an overwhelming mess.

I am not sure how this has happened, I don’t think of myself as a particularly materialistic person, but I guess if I never throw things away then it is going to build up eventually. While going through my things I found an old dress I had cut up and kept in case I suddenly became amazing at sewing and made it into another fantastic item of clothing.  Luckily even I knew that keeping random scraps of material was a bit much and threw it away.

I think I can allow myself to buy a bookshelf.

I am keen to get rid of a lot of things.  I would love to be able to move without it being such a large task.  I found this challenge that takes place over 30 days.  On the first day you get rid of one thing, the second day two things, and so on until you reach the end of the month and you have gotten rid of hundreds of things and you feel all superior for not having a bedroom full of useless clutter.  

That’s the plan anyway.  It seems like it would be fun at the beginning but surely when I wake up and think I have to get rid of 26 things today it’s going to be a bit difficult.  We’ll see how it goes.


5 thoughts on “All Moved Out II”

  1. Good luck. We recently had our friend move out of our house after nine years. He acquired a metric ton of crap and he’s still not completely out. But that’s a different story.

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