Getting Back to It!

Now that I am a bit more settled in the new house I am quite keen to get back to a decent blogging schedule.  I had a look at the blogging goals I set out at the beginning of the year and have pretty much been failing on all of them.  

The goals were:
Get to 200 followers
Comment on at least one blog a day
Write three posts a week
Take a picture everyday and upload it to Instagram

Yeah, literally none of these have been happening recently, but I am determined to get back onto it.  Apart from posting a photo a day because it got pretty exhausting.  I am toying with the idea of combining posting photos and posting three times a week to just post something everyday, even if it is just a photo with a quick explanation or a paragraph.  

I don’t know, that would require a lot of organisation and scheduling posts.  But in theory I should have the time and brainpower to do it, so we’ll see.  Plus, I quite like scheduling posts because it makes me feel like some kind of organised pro.

I would also like to use my blogging twitter a bit more, because I have kind of been leaving that to gather cyberdust.  It’s partly because it made me realise that there are loads of bloggers out there with loads of followers. It was a bit overwhelming, and difficult to find small bloggers like me who just chat rubbish about their lives and hope someone out there relates to it.  I find it much easier to find fellow bloggers through the WordPress reader, but maybe I could try harder with this Twitter malarkey.

We’ll see how it goes, I am quite excited to refocus on blogging and see what happens.




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