Resolutions Revisited

The beauty of posting your New Year’s Resolutions on the internet is that you know exactly where to find them and look at how few you have kept.  It’s much more useful than having them vaguely written down on a piece of paper somewhere and forgotten.  I thought that one third of the way into the year (wait, this year is already a third over?!) would be a good point to see if I need to pick up the slack.

1.Work my way up to jogging 5k
Ha. HA. HAAAA.  Turns out jogging in the evening in January in England was not as fun as I thought it would be.  So the whole jogging thing did not go very far, but I did join the gym, and stuck with it.  I have even seen some results, things are a bit less wobbly and a bit more defined, which is satisfying.  

I now live farther away from my gym so it does require a bit more motivation to go over there, but I should see it as an extension of the exercise! I’m as surprised as anyone that I did not give up on the gym, even if I did not quite work up to jogging 5k.

2.Book a driving lesson.
Yeah, that hasn’t happened.  I felt so very motivated to learn at the beginning of the year and now I feel a bit indifferent about it again.  I should learn, think of the roadtrips Laura!

3.Less time on the sofa.
I think I have got better with this one.  I am definitely trying to be more productive with my evenings. Even if I occasionally just end up watching TV, I still manage to feel like I don’t waste all my time.

4.Leave my phone just out of reach.
I have not been that strict with this but I think I have been better at not staring at my phone.  Maybe because now I feel a bit more like I am moving in the right direction and I am not obsessing over my life choices that I just feel like I have a bit more focus.  Or it could just be that I am spending more time on my laptop.

5. Read more.
I think I have managed okay with this one.  I could be reading more, though.  I have gotten into the habit of just listening to music and daydreaming on my way into work.  It’s fine, but it doesn’t really wake me up or make me ready for the day.  It usually makes me want to crawl back into bed.  So I think I should make more of an effort to read when I can.

Considering that I have been a little bit distracted this year, it’s alright. It could be better though.

Now I should work at really sticking to these resolutions by the end of the year!


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