Trying Not To Regress

Last weekend was a bit of a lazy one. I booked to go to a Pilates class on Saturday morning but when I woke up I thought about the last time I went and how difficult it was and how it was a whole hour long.

I stayed in bed and cancelled the class. Then I pretty much spent the whole day in bed. Alternating between reading, writing and watching things on my laptop.

This is pretty much how I lived when I was a student, except now I don’t have the threat of having uni work to do over my head so it is a lot more relaxing. But it also reminds me that I need to motivate myself to be productive in other ways.

Which is both nice and a bit scary. I don’t want to revert back to living like a student because I was pretty lazy. My room was a bit gross and messy and I spent a few too many nights staying up until the small hours looking at random things on the internet. But at the same time I was doing work and trying to learn skills that might be helpful in the real world. Now that I have graduated and don’t really have any work to do outside work hours, I think it would be much easier to get stuck in a rut.

So on Sunday morning I made myself go to the gym class I had booked (my legs still hurt) and did the tidying I was meant to do on this week’s cleaning rota. I also tidied my room, because I could already feel the state of it deteriorating, as the places I live in often do. It only takes one lazy weekend and doing a load of laundry that I don’t bother to put away for a bedroom to start looking like someone just emptied everything onto every available surface with no thought about organisation!

I made the bed and everything!

I haven’t got any plans for this weekend yet. Hopefully I will manage to do something productive or exciting.

Maybe I’ll work out how to keep my desk tidy.

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