An Appreciation of Libraries

Even though I work in a library, I really like visiting the central library in my city. There’s so many books and I kind of get a bit excited with all that knowledge hanging around.  There’s lot of knowledge in the library where I work, but being in an agricultural college, a lot of it is about tractors and farm animals.  

I am also secretly the kind of customer my colleagues despair about.  We send the students an email when their book is a day overdue and they can email or ring if they want to renew them.  The people I work with often get exasperated when students let their books get horribly overdue when it is so easy to renew them!

At the central library, they email me before my books are overdue and it is even easier to renew them than at the college.  But I still end up letting them get overdue and paying a fine whenever I go there.

I have no idea how I let it happen every time. I see the email, think I better login and renew that! Then I forget about it. So yesterday when I went into the library I had to pay £6 before I could take out any more books.

Luckily I had foreseen that this would happen and had the cash. I picked up some books I am excited to get my head into once I finish One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  A French book, a book on the meaning of life and a couple of books by John Steinbeck because I wanted to reread The Grapes of Wrath but I couldn’t find it so thought I would just read a couple I had not read before.


Libraries are seriously underrated, it’s free books people! Free knowledge!

*Cough* As long as you return your books on time.


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