Lord of the Distractions

I don’t usually listen to music when I read because I get too easily distracted and just start singing along and don’t get anywhere in my book.  But as Spotify seem to have  a playlist for every occasion, I thought I would give their playlist for reading a go.

The first piece was The Fellowship Reunited from Lord of The Rings.  I was pretty happy about this as there were no lyrics for me to sing along to and who doesn’t love the Lord of The Rings music?! I then noticed that I was drinking tea out of my Lord of The Rings mug and was concerned that maybe this was a bit much.

Should I put on my elf costume as well?!

I started reading my book and realised that I was still getting distracted by the music.

For some strange reason, a lot of the music from Lord of the Rings makes me a little bit emotional. I am not entirely sure why.  I love the films but I am not a massive super-fan like I am with Harry Potter. I don’t know all the weird trivia, I have not read the books and I only know a few quotes.

There is something about the films though, this group of buddies trying to destroy this ring and save the world.  They all have a terrible time and then at the end they meet again and it’s lovely and they all jump up and down on a bed in slow motion (except for the one who dies, he missed out). It’s all a bit heart-warming.

I think it is because a lot of my university friends were fans of the films and would occasionally quote it at appropriate times. Like offering to share the load when we were trying to help each other with problem sheets or mentioning that a wizard is never late; nor is he early.  He arrives exactly when he means to. Or when me and my school friend with a shared love of Gimli say Aragorn! Let’s find some food, when we’re hungry.  Plus, one of our favourite pubs to visit while I was at university was a Lord of the Rings themed pub called The Hobbit.

Strangely, I have somehow got an attachment to the films and music that have nothing to do with the actual story.

The next piece on the playlist was from Interstellar, then The Imitation Game, THEN Gladiator.  It seems like less of a reading playlist and more a list of music from films that make me cry!


2 thoughts on “Lord of the Distractions”

  1. Nice article! As a LOTR fan ( yes, I know all the trivia) I recognized all the quotes. In our little family many of them are used as we all love the movies and the books. Oh and the music! If there was ever music that made me close my eyes and dive in, then it was this soundtrack. Thanks for the smiles!

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    1. Thanks! I should try and read the books, as I enjoy the films so much! The music is amazing, it fits with the scenes in the films so well. You’re very welcome, I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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