Grown Up Shopping

I still think of food shopping as something that grown ups do.  Then I realise that I have been buying my own food for nearly six years and that maybe I am getting alright at it.

I mean, I am not living off the £1 pizzas, pasta and frozen food I bought when I first moved away from home.  I buy fruit and salad now.  I still get a little bit scared of cooking something that requires much preparation, but I think that is because I know I won’t want to do the washing up.

I am still not great at food shopping. I had to go this weekend because the only things I had left were milk, rice and sweet potato.  I’m not sure what you can make with that.

I always worry whether people judge my trolley when I shop. Do they think I am stupid for buying pre-chopped up mango and pineapple? I know it’s cheaper to buy it whole, but I know I won’t get round to cutting it up AND eating it before it goes bad! It is a ridiculous thing to worry about because I never notice what is in other people’s trolleys unless they have a lot of only one thing, like dozens of cans of soup, or cider.

Now that I think about it, those things are probably pretty good to buy in bulk. Maybe these shoppers are onto something.

My shop went pretty well. I bought loads of fruit and then remembered that I was only going to be at home for half the week because I am seeing my school buddies.  I contemplated putting half the fruit back but thought no, I’m going to EAT this fruit.  It is probably the only time I have had all of my 5 a day.

I know I still feel a bit like a child pretending to be an adult when I go shopping. But when I think back to how terrible and unhealthy my food shopping used to be, it does make me feel like a bit of a grown up.


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