Stop. Hayfever Time.

It’s that time of year again. The Sun is starting to appear more often, the people of the UK are contemplating going out without that extra layer (but still packing an umbrella, in case things take a turn) and it is a good time to go outside and make the most of the sunshine before it disappears.

Hayfever time. It’s hayfever time. Mine is not as bad as it used to be when I was a kid and enjoyed rolling around in the grass without thinking about the headache, rash and itchiness that would follow.  Luckily I was quite an indoorsy child most of the time and would much rather watch some Steve Irwin on the Discovery Kids channel than go outside and have an allergic reaction (I was heartbroken when I heard about that bastard stingray).

But now I am not even sure whether Discovery Kids is a channel anymore, so I have been outside a bit more. I am yet to find something that gets rid of all the symptoms.

Antihistamine makes things slightly better. It makes the sneezing fits shorter and I don’t want to scratch my eyes out quite so much, but it doesn’t stop it completely. I have bought an eye spray that sometimes is very soothing but other times seems to do nothing. I have a nasal spray that seemed to be working before the pollen got to whatever horribly high level it hit a few weeks ago, now it barely does anything.

My weirdest anti hayfever treatment is this strange photo-therapy thing my mum got me when I was about 18 because she saw it on TV. When she presented it to me I scoffed and thought to myself how is shoving a red light up my nose for a few minutes a day going to help?!

Then I tried it when I was feeling a bit hayfeverish. I pretty much sneezed for the whole time it was up my nose and when I took it out I had to give it a good blow, but after that I felt better! I am not sure how it works, something about the wavelength of light stopping your body from producing as much histamine.

These things help but having done all of them today my eyes still feel horrible. The other day after spending a lovely day wandering around in the sun I got home, was sneezing and feeling itchy everywhere and realised that I had taken everything I had. I sat on my bed just saying what on earth do I do now?!

Looks like we’re out of options

Goodness knows how I would cope without all of these things to lessen my symptoms, now if only there was something that could get rid of them completely.  Do we really need pollen? Can’t the plants find another way to breed? Do we really need plants?!

What does everyone else use?


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