How to Shoe Shop

I used to hate shoe shopping.  I remember having a pair of trainers that I loved in my first year of university; they were very cheap and when Winter rolled around they pretty much let in any water they came into slight contact with.

That would have been the time to buy new shoes, but I stuck with those trainers until the soles were almost worn away and the act of wearing them almost became pointless.

This was mainly because I could not be bothered to buy a new pair. I remember the day I went shopping for a replacement quite well. I was pretty much on the look out for an identical pair of shoes, because I really liked those shoes. I had pretty laces to wear with them and everything!

Apart from when my mum buys me new shoes for a treat, I have never really bought myself a pair of shoes over about £20. You can imagine how well they last once I have worn them everyday in soggy England.

So when I noticed that the soles of my current shoes were a bit worn and showed how much I drag my heels when I walk, I decided to spend money on a decent pair that might last more than a few months.

I managed it! They weren’t too expensive but they also weren’t so cheap that I feel like they won’t last the summer. The company that makes them also donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every one they sell, so that’s nice.

Admittedly, this was still not a very thorough trip to the shoe shop. I walked in, did a circuit, decided these were the ones I liked the most, asked to try them on, then said yeah, I’ll buy them!

I was probably in there for about 5 minutes. I was simultaneously worried about deciding to spend that much money that quickly and impressed by my quick decision quick skills.

I think I just wanted to get out of the shoe shop.



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