I Needed That

I know I sometimes moan about my friends being scattered all over the country and not all living in the same city as me like the guys in friends, but it does have it’s advantages. For instance, it is an excellent excuse for a weekend away. I went to visit one of my university friends all the way up in Manchester recently and sometimes you don’t realise how much you’ve been needing a trip like that until you go.

On Friday we went to a bar with crazy golf, a food festival, grabbed some All You Can Eat and went to a Bat For Lashes gig in the cathedral. Then the next day my friend had a Eurovision themed birthday party and it was so much fun! I love the new way they show the votes. I was sat on the floor in front of the TV feeling incredibly tense and people kept telling everyone to shh.

We went out after Eurovision was finished and I am getting the hang of this drinking moderately thing. It is more out a necessity to avoid horrible, all day hangovers than being sensible but it is definitely the way I think I will drink on future nights out.  It meant that I did not forget watching my friend dancing very enthusiastically to Spice Girls or all of us talking nonsense when we got back to my friends flat.

On Sunday we sleepily got some burgers for brunch and then sat on my friends balcony in the sun until those of us that had horribly long train journeys home decided that it would be best to head back. It was really bloody nice.

It felt like I had gone on a proper holiday, not a weekend of drinking and sleeping on my friends floor. Sometimes I think you don’t realise that what you need is to just hang out with your friends, it doesn’t necessarily need to be in an exotic country or expensive hotel. While I felt bloody exhausted on the Sunday I felt more like myself. When I got back home my first thought was that’s just what I needed.


2 thoughts on “I Needed That”

  1. Summed it up perfectly. Oddly enough, my 33rd birthday fell upon the 14th May/Eurovision so we had a similar night! I couldn’t agree more, often letting life get in the way of friendships. Just making time for it can change so much xx

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