Spinning Around

I went to a spin class at my gym for the first time the other week. For those who don’t know, a spin class is cycling to music while someone shouts at you.

I have always found cycling difficult. There is something about my legs that really disagree with it. Any slight incline and they burn and I stop and get off and walk, annoying whoever has made the mistake of agreeing to go cycling with me.

I thought it was just because I wasn’t terribly active and just did not have much muscle or something. I thought that now I actually exercise regularly I would find cycling a bit easier. I was wrong.

My legs hurt so much! I made myself stay for the full 45 minutes, despite the fact that the trainers way of motivating us was telling us that if we slowed down or stopped, he’d make everyone start again! I remember thinking in the back of my mind, if he actually does that, I am out of here!

I’ve been to another class with this trainer he seems to be a fan of saying things like if you don’t feel like you’re going to be sick, you’re not trying hard enough! This does not do much to motivate me. At that point I try and make eye contact with someone else struggling through the class and look at them as if to say this guy’s NUTS!

Whenever I see this trainer round the gym I have got into the habit of glaring at him and saying his name under my breathe like he is my nemesis and we’re in a sitcom. I am pretty sure he hasn’t noticed, which is good because even I recognise that this is slightly odd behaviour.

Anyway, I am in two minds about going back to the spin class again because…

Good exercise
Would help me get good at cycling!
Will definitely make me fitter

The trainer is nuts
It hurts my little legs!
Those spin bikes have the thinnest, most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever sat on! I actually felt like I had bruised my bum afterwards. Would I want to feel like that once a week?! I honestly considered slipping a note in the suggestion box: Your spin class is a great workout, but PLEASE can we have more comfortable seats?

Would my bum get used to it? Once my legs are a bit stronger will I stop sitting on it so much and not notice? Or will I just have to accept a painful bum for a day or so after every session?

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both sides. Most of my objections would be sorted by going to a different class with a different trainer and maybe sneaking in a teeny tiny cushion.

I’ll try that.


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