What I’ve been reading #5

The other week the college where I work had a big open event where it showed off all the cool facilities and courses it provided.

The library had a book sale.

I’m not complaining. The librarian sent out an email asking staff for donations of unwanted books for the sale (proceeds went to Naomi House) and we were pretty much climbing over unwanted books for a couple of weeks.

The best part about this was having the first pick of books to buy. I chucked a few quid in the cash box and have spent the last couple of weeks picking away at whatever caught my eye (I was tasked with packing away and sorting through the books that didn’t sell, it was basically impossible not to walk away with 10 new books, right?).

One that I picked up and have read and enjoyed and highly recommend was if nobody speaks of remarkable things by Jon McGregor. I am really happy that I found this book because I probably would not have heard of it if I had not seen it in the sale. I ended up really liking it.

Strong opening

It reminded me a bit of The Road there are no speech marks and it is told in quite a detached way. It is so good! It goes between describing the inhabitants on a street on the day that a tragic accident happens and describing what a girl who lived on the street is doing 3 years later. The girl was just finishing university on the day described in the other half of the book so a lot of the things she looks back on are very relatable!




It reminds you that all the people you pass each day have their own lives going on and when I finished it I did sit on my bed a little bit in awe.


So read it!


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