The Sitcom

I went back to my home town for my school friends birthday last weekend and it was so good! I love seeing the people that knew me when I was an awkward, scared teenager. Because despite being a bit of an awkward, scared adult it does remind of how far I have come since then. Plus, they’re great people. We talked about relationships and friendships and life and bowel movements and other things you can only talk about with the people that really know you.

We have gotten into this habit of telling ourselves that we will write a sitcom about our lives and all the embarrassing things that have happened to us. Whenever we tell each other a weird story one of us will say that’s going in the sitcom.

I started to think that we might have been onto something and brought a pen and notebook for us to come up with ideas while we were out. We discussed it at length and somehow decided that it would be better if we wrote it as a book first which then got so popular that it got made into a TV series. We can dream.

My friend, C, whose birthday it was also said something that made me stop and say holy crap! While we were discussing jobs, or lack of, he rather brilliantly said remember when we were teenagers and thought that we could just pick a career and that would be it, rather than just falling into doing something?

I do remember being a teenager and, even though I did not really know what I wanted to do, I thought it would be a bit more clear than it is. I kind of just stared at C and told him that he had blown my mind a little bit.

It’s weird how life does turn out. It is rarely how we picture it when we’re teenagers.  I have things no where near as worked out as I thought I would, but I am still pretty sure that teenage Laura would feel okay about how things are going. Maybe.



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