Thinking of Orlando

There is no doubt that the news is often depressing. No news is good news, as they say. Never is this more apparent than when innocent people get killed over something that some idiot somewhere has decided is wrong.

When I heard about the shootings in Orlando, I dreaded reading about it, because it is starting to feel like things like this are happening far too often and each time it just feels a little bit more hopeless. It gets so easy to get angry and bitter and ask WHY is it so easy to get guns in America when so many people are dying (why, why why?!). You see Donald Trump being the terrible, horrible person that he is and people being islamophobic without thinking about the victims and the people affected and it’s just horrible.

Whenever something like this happens I am always amazed at the way people come together to show support to the people that need it. The way the LGBT community came together shows homophobic people like that gunman that they will not win.

The world is on the side of the victims. The different vigils and signs of solidarity around the world don’t make the crime any less upsetting, or the necessity for America to sort out it’s gun laws any less urgent. But it does show a community that is feeling shocked and unsafe that not everyone in the world is closed minded and prejudiced about something as personal and special as who people fall in love with.

Reading about the grace and bravery of the people affected, like people in the club putting their lives at risk for others. Or the man whose daughter was killed in the attack who forgave the shooter because he ‘cannot live with such great hatred’ are stories that we need more of, because they show that hate is not going to win. Not now, not ever.


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