The Birds

The college where I work is in the middle of the countryside. While this is all very nice and picturesque it also poses it’s unique set of problems. The wildlife is cocky. The birds, to be specific.

Over the past month or so three birds have flown into the library from goodness knows where. The first was a Great Tit that I spent my half day trying to keep track of and willing to go back from wherever it got in.

That’s the problem, all we can really do is watch them and hope they get out on their own. We’re not BIRD HANDLERS!

The second one was slightly more alarming because it was while I was doing my late shift on my own and there was no one in the library because it’s near the end of term. I heard a rustling in the IT Zone and when I went to see what it was a blackbird hopped along in front of me. I groaned for a very long time because it was 45 minutes before I had to lock up and couldn’t really lock it in the library.

Get outta here you! 

I gave it some time to get out by itself. Cue 25 minutes of me following this bird around and flinching whenever it foolishly flew into a window. Luckily by some miracle it was suddenly standing in front of the open door that led to the foyer. As I was stood behind it, I yelled at it to go into the foyer and away it went out of the door. Then I closed all the doors and windows, because while I did not know where it had come in I was not that keen to discover another one.

A couple of days after this another blackbird flew in, a female one this time. Luckily it was before everyone else had gone home and one of my colleagues had the idea to call the Animal Management Centre (the college teaches Animal Management, surely someone could catch a bird for us!).

Someone did come down from Animal Management with a bird-net and a lot more confidence in his bird-catching abilities than any of us. He did not even need the net in the end and just grabbed it with his hands. He informed the librarian and I that she probably had some chicks somewhere and we both cooed at how happy we were that she could go back to them.

When I recounted these events to the Animal Management lecturer who gets the same bus as me he though it was hilarious that we could not catch a bird ourselves, like this is some kind of skill everyone has.  At this rate maybe I should learn it.


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