My Glastonbury Highlights

I haven’t written in for a little while because I went to GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL! I have mentioned before how much I love music festivals so you can imagine how excited I was to be going to this one, the biggest one in the UK.

It is stressful enough buying tickets. For anyone who has never tried, the ticket buying process is 10-20 minutes of frantically refreshing the ticket page; followed either by the elation of getting through and buying tickets or the disappointment of them being sold out. I have experienced both.

So it was pretty exciting in October when I managed to get a ticket. I went with two of my university friends, J and B, which was great fun.

It did get off to a rocky start on Wednesday when after we left we discovered that the queue to get in was so bad that the organiser was telling people not to set off if they had not left for the festival yet. We tried to delay joining the queue for as long as possible by taking our time buying food and drink and then getting lost in the English countryside for an hour or so. There’s 200 000 people going to this festival, why can’t we find it?!

When we finally did find this legendary queue we were stuck in it for 7 hours. Luckily my friends and I are a pretty laid back bunch and we did not turn on each other or anything.

When we got there it was incredibly muddy and wet but we were so happy to be there. We set up our tents and prepared ourselves for a weekend of silliness.

An optimistic Ice Cream Van

It’s hard to write about what we did over the weekend without it turning into a massively long ramble, so here are the highlights for me:

Even though the queue was horrible and none of us wanted to go through it again, we did feeling like it was a bit of a bonding experience. Once our tents were set up and we could relax a bit, we felt like we had a good story to tell. Stories about queuing are good right?!

Glimpsing Glastonbury Tor from the 7 hour car queue

We went to the Healing Fields with the idea that we would each choose a massage for each other to get. When we got there we chickened out, but then a lady started ringing a bell and we all gathered round and a couple were getting married! It was a nice surprise and very sweet.


We went out in the evening until 4am and whilst we were all dancing around a man had a radio to his ear trying to hear the result to the EU Referendum. We must have gone to bed right before the result was announced.

I opened my tent and J was sat outside. He asked me have you heard the result? I shook my head and he told me that we’re out. To which I pounded my camping bag and did my best impression of Kent Brockman saying Democracy simply doesn’t work! (as a joke, I totally love democracy, even though it never seems to particularly go the way I’d like in the UK).

Then B got up and we spent a good portion of the morning discussing what we were worried about happening.

B and I went to see Disclosure with some of his friends in the evening and I went on one of their shoulders. It felt a bit like he forgot I was there and started jumping up and down and I kind of just had to hold on for dear life. In a fun way.

We saw Adele in the evening and she was so good! She was funny, it was emotional.  I am really glad I got to see her live at Glastonbury because I doubt I’d be able to get tickets to one of her own concerts.

After Adele we went out and danced until 6am! Then we headed over to this little secluded spot with a stone dragon we could all sit on. Some people started talking to us and then one of them told us that his last name was Dragon! (It was, he showed us his driving licence and everything!). Then we got back to the tent at about 8am and were impressed with ourselves for managing to stay out so late.

Understandably, by this point, we were feeling a little bit tired.  I managed to get up in time to go see Gregory Porter but J and B were sound asleep. I took my camping chair down to the main stage, put on my sunglasses and closed my eyes while listening to his lovely voice. It was pretty soothing, and one of his crew members proposed to his girlfriend during one of the songs! Then B joined me for Laura Mvula and she was awesome.

In the evening we shunned Coldplay and went to see Earth, Wind and Fire. It was a good decision, because they were great fun. When September came on all of the crowd were boogeying away.

We packed up and set off, we all agreed we would try and do the same next year. It felt a little bit emotional saying goodbye to those two. I do miss them a lot since we finished university and don’t see each other all the time.

It’s nice to meet up and spend a decent amount of time together. When I finished university I was really worried that it would mean the end of friendships like this, but it really didn’t, and that is so awesome.



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