Trying to be a Know-It-All

I don’t want this to sound like some crazy geeky evil genius, but I want to know everything.

Not like those brains in that episode of Futurama where they learn everything and then try and destroy the universe so that there is no new information that they cannot know. Not like that at all. I just want to be one of those people who is not only full of interesting facts but is also knowledgeable about lots of things too.

I think this is why I had trouble with motivation towards the end of my degree. I already felt pretty knowledgeable about Physics, I was ready to move onto something else! It probably also explains why I chose two French modules in my final year.

It’s difficult to attempt to learn everything, because lots of things don’t really interest me. I would love to be one of those people who can have really informed political discussions, but unless it is the summary I hear on the news or made fun of on Have I Got News For You I find it difficult to really get interested.

Obviously I have some basics down: Trump = terrible; America’s gun laws = terrifyingly bad; Nigel Farage = idiot; Jeremy Corbyn = lovely, but perhaps not the right guy for Labour leader (although I would love it if he proved me wrong!).

I realise now that these are mostly opinions, but you get the idea, my knowledge is enough for a quick conversation. If things get more in depth I become simultaneously embarrassed that I don’t have more to contribute and also incredibly aware of my lack of desire to find out more. I mean, I know who is running to be leader of the Tory party, but they all seem pretty uninspiring to me.

Anyway, enough in depth political analysis. In my quest to learn about everything I have taken a book out on Environmental Science from work and started listening to a couple of podcasts. It’s so quiet at work that I feel like I can have my headphones in without it seeming a bit rude.

The first is There’s no such thing as a fish, which is the podcast for QI, a quiz show full of obscure facts. It’s presented by the people who find these obscure facts (the QI Elves, dream job!). This is my desired level of knowledge. They just seem to have so many interesting things about the world spilling out of their heads!

The second is Philosophize This (the z looks wrong, but it’s American, what can you do?). This is just a podcast about the history of Philosophy and philosophers, it’s pretty interesting.

It also mentioned in the second episode that the word Philosophy is made up of two Greek words. Philo meaning love, and sophia meaning wisdom.

Love of wisdom, I can totally get on board with that.



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