Flat Tyre!

Yesterday I posted about public transport going wrong. Then as I was getting the bus to work in the morning, the driver got a little bit too close to the curb and burst the tyre on the bus.

Cue all of us waiting around for a replacement bus to turn up, luckily work opens a bit later during the holidays, so no one missed out on any library time!

When the bus made its dramatic noises and the air came shooting out of the tyre, a woman watching looked at the bus and shook her head like he’d taken the side off it or something. So when I got off the bus I thought there would be some dramatic damage I could take a picture of and show people.

Turns out all the damage was just a very flat and sad looking tyre. I didn’t think it was a terribly interesting picture, but then I realised that we had stopped outside the sweetest little building!

So y’know, it was almost worth it! As long as the bus driver did not get into too much trouble or anything.



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