Finding the Balance

Anyone who is particularly quick might have seen a draft version of this post, I scheduled it thinking I would edit it before it went up and then I went out drinking with my housemates and totally forgot about it. Good work Laura!

One thing I have recently realised I really care about is work/life balance, which sounds lame but is actually pretty important. I see some people who never seem to have any free time and who seem a bit stressed and don’t get much sleep and I think I could not do that!

True, these people are usually working towards some kind of goal, a qualification or a promotion or something like that. But I feel like if I couldn’t go off for a weekend to see my friends or spend an evening just relaxing or going to bed early then I would think I need to be doing fewer things.

Which isn’t necessarily the right way to go about things I suppose. Maybe sometimes we have to have those periods in life where we really need to focus on things and let things like relaxing fall by the wayside. Maybe you can’t avoid it, maybe in a few years time when I am spending all my time on a project or something at work I’ll think what foolishness that was!

That’s why the word balance is important I suppose. I don’t want to spend an indefinite amount of time feeling stressed but if it’s towards an important end goal that is worth it, then maybe that’s not so bad. As long as I also get to spend the odd evening going to bed early like an old lady as well.

I think sometimes I do forget to think about the work bit of the work/life balance. Now that I am a bit more settled in my house and everything maybe it is time to actually think about this whole career thing a bit more and think about how I would want to progress when I feel like I have gotten everything I can out of my current job.

I guess that could be a bit exciting, figuring out this whole work thing as well. For some reason I always think about how much more exciting socialising and having fun are, completely forgetting that working in something you care about it pretty exciting too.


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