If We Were Having Coffee #2

I feel like another coffee is well overdue!

If we were having coffee  would probably have some form of sugary iced thing that only slightly resembles coffee, because it is so warm! I know the heat makes everything that much more tiring but I am loving it.

If we were having coffee I would say how much I am enjoying my new house and how lovely my new housemates are! I feel really lucky that I was frantically looking for somewhere to live at the same time that they were frantically looking for someone to fill their spare room. I am also extremely happy that I managed to find a houseshare with cats involved, because they’re lovely too.

I’d say that I am enjoying the time to myself, that it feels really nice to be able to hide away in my room if I want to. But it is also nice to have a new group of friends around to run into if I feel like chatting to someone.

I’d comment on how I bought a cafetiere during my weekly shop the other day purely out of curiosity (oh my goodness I thought it was spelt ‘curiousity’ for us Brits, but turns out it isn’t!  Boy is my face red!). I like coffee, and I have certain places I prefer to go to get coffee, but I don’t really know anything about what makes good coffee. It was quite nice making the coffee in the cafetiere, I quite like making a hot drink when there’s a bit of a ritual to it.

This photo was taken in the cleanest corner of our kitchen

For example, I really like making tea and getting it to just the right colour where I think that looks so good! It is really satisfying, doubly so if I have made one for someone else and they say oooh, good tea after they sip it. I secretly celebrate anytime anyone says that. It’s nice to be good at making something, okay?!

If we were having coffee I would mention that while I do not have one big summer holiday planned I am going to be seeing some of my favourite people over the summer, which I am really excited about. I am going to Wales for a few days to see my school friends, I might be going to Notting Hill Carnival with my university friends (and maybe my brother if he isn’t off doing something cool!) and I am having a girly spa weekend with a few more of my university friends as well. I feel really lucky that I have these different groups of friends to do exciting things with.

If we were having coffee I’d say that I think things are going pretty well at the moment. I by no means feel like an adult; my career plans are still pretty vague and I am only just getting the hang of this whole saving money thing. But I feel like things are kind of going in the right direction, which is nice.


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