Make Yourself At Home

There is a lot of emphasis on how good travel is meant to be for finding yourself and seeing how the world works. If you don’t take a year out to go and travel while you’re young you will regret it forever and this is the only time in your life when you can go off and be exciting. Why are you staying in one place?! You fool!

I mean, obviously, travelling must be an amazing experience. And obviously, you must learn a lot about yourself and the world. But it doesn’t solve all of your problems. A lot of the problems you have before going travelling will still be there when you return.

I met a friend of a friend recently who talked proudly about her year abroad but then turned out to be a bit pretentious and not a very good friend at all. What’s the point in travelling when you can’t get the basics down like not treating your friends like rubbish?

I love travelling and seeing different parts of the world but I am not about to drop everything and go. I like my job, I like being able to see my friends and family when I want and I like making friends in the city where I live. You can learn a lot about yourself from simply starting again in a new place and making it your home.

In the past few months, the city where I live has felt a lot more like home. I have gotten out a bit more and I have realised how nice it is to run into people. There have been a few times when I have seen people that I know from various places unexpectedly and it really does make you feel like this is somewhere you really live.

It feels a bit like back when I was at university and would run into people on campus, but now that campus is a city. It’s kind of lovely to think that there are all these people walking around who would be happy to stop for a chat.

I’m not saying it’s better than travelling all over the world, and I don’t plan on staying in this city forever. But y’know, making an effort to know the places and people around you can be fulfilling too.




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