Paying Attention

Something that is very good about having to get up at the crack of dawn is that if the weather’s nice you are almost certainly guaranteed a tasty-looking sky.


Which is something that is easy to overlook and not take notice of when I am tired and annoyed that I am waiting for a bus, not snuggled up in bed. This past year of getting up horribly early has made me try and make the best of the situation, so I am trying to take in the scenery a bit more.

I would definitely call myself a morning person now. At the weekends I’ll wake up at 7 and feel like I’ve had an amazing lie in (unless I’ve stayed out drinking until 5, in which case my poor body clock has no idea what to do).  It’s actually pretty nice, it makes the weekend feel longer.

But the next job I get: I am definitely looking for something that starts later.

It’s not that nice.


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