Shall We Buy a Boat?

There’s something about water isn’t there? It can be quite calming if it’s not moving about too much. Every day on my way to work the train goes past a river and it’s always a nice sight to just sit and watch as it goes past. If I’m all worked up because I have had to run for the train or I’m in a bad mood it can be a good thing to look at and clear my head.

Last weekend I went to a spa break with my girl uni friends, we had a lovely time. On the drive back we stopped off at a pub by a river and we saw several houseboats go past.


Imagine living on one of them! I’ve never been on one, so I have no idea what it is actually like. But I imagine that once you get the hang of it, it is probably a pretty relaxing way to live and travel, just drifting along the river and tying your boat up outside the occasional pub. It must be wonderful to wake up on a quiet river while your boat gently bobs up and down.

I don’t know, I could be romanticising it greatly. My friends talked about renting one and spending a weekend floating along, which sounds lovely.

Maybe if I ever have any money I’ll end up buying a boat rather than a house!


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