Blissful Bed

This will definitely sound a bit weird, but bliss usually happens in bed, right?! Before you jump to conclusions, I mean just chilling in bed (although if there’s a nice person there with you, it can only improve things). Since working full time whenever I actually get to spend the morning in bed it is pretty amazing.

When I get up for work it is arguably still nighttime, the other day I was walking to the train station and I definitely saw a couple who were on their way back from a night out. If I am still in bed when the sun is up, that means it’s going to be a good day!

There are few things more blissful than sitting in bed on a sunny morning with a cup of tea and being in no rush to get anywhere. One of the big reasons I would love to work from home is that I like getting up early just so I can sit and chill before I start my day; it’s such a treat!

Since moving into somewhere with cats, the bed has gotten a new appeal because kitty cuddles in bed are just amazing. I mean, my clothes and bed get covered in cat hair, but it’s a price I am willing to pay!

Brave cat managed to sleep through an episode of Goosebumps!

I know it is stereotypically lazy to spend a lot of time in bed when it isn’t nighttime, but what’s so wrong about sitting somewhere comfortable and having a little break from life?!


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