Fighting Your Own Spiders

I don’t usually like to conform to gender stereotypes, but one thing I have never quite got the hang of is getting rid of creepy crawlies in a calm and civilised manner. And in the past, I have kind of expected guys to sort them out for me. 

This is the first time I have lived somewhere with only girls, so I have had to get better at disposing of my own unwanted visitors. I have discovered that an old umbrella works wonders as a daddy long legs battering device. This did mean that in the couple of weeks when daddy long legs seem to be everywhere I was taking my umbrella into the bathroom with me before my shower. Once my housemates knew why I was doing it they didn’t think it was weird at all.

I cannot cope with a daddy long legs in my room, their erratic and unpredictable flight freaks me out, but as long as a spider doesn’t get too close I don’t mind letting it live its life in my room.

I had a spider in my room for a while recently, it caught and killed another spider and a daddy long legs. I thought that perhaps this could be the beginning of a beautiful and unlikely friendship. Then one day I looked over at her web and there was a small ball of eggs! She also looked like she had lost a lot of weight, having given birth and all that. I spent a couple of days in denial of what it was and then thought about how embarrassing and melodramatic I would be if they hatched all over my room.

Luckily I do have a guy around at the moment and when I told him my woes about the spider eggs he helpfully flushed her and her eggs down the toilet for me, which made me feel a bit bad.

But the other day I was on my own when a big ugly spider emerged and I thought I’m not going to wait for you to lay eggs everywhere to get rid of you! This then led to a good 20 minutes of me talking myself into putting a mug over him and covering it with something so I could take him outside.


Luckily, the flat thing I had picked up to shimmy over the top of the mug was a booklet on the events going on during Black History Month in my city. A determined-looking Obama was on the front. If Obama was here he would encourage you to take care of this spider!

Hey Obama, you fancy being President for a bit longer please?

So I got it in the mug and covered it up and threw it out of the back door. My heart was beating and the adrenaline was rushing, but I was proud of myself.

I hope Obama would be too.


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