What I’ve been reading #8

Now I have already said that I like a bit of Bukowski, the last book of his I read was his first novel, Post Office. I decided to read his last one, Pulp.

The book was dedicated to bad writing, which I quite liked. If you’re ever going to write anything good you’ve probably written a lot of bad stuff along the way!

It’s weird guys. It is about a private detective in Hollywood getting all kinds of weird and wonderful clients and cases to solve. He also contemplates life and death and all that while he is solving the cases.



While I was writing this post I did realise that it seemed I had highlighted half the book. But that’s because it was so good! It was a lot like the other Bukowski things I have read. Funny, angry and a bit sad.

Apparently, he didn’t plan this book so it is a bit all over the place. It was really fun to read though and I kind of enjoyed how weird and convoluted the plot was. I totally didn’t get the ending, though. I had to have a google to see what it was all supposed to mean!


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