All in the Name of Research

My NaNoWriMo project this year features ALIENS! I thought it would be fun to write about whatever research I end up doing for the book and making it nice and readable. It might also be a good way to remind myself of what other knowledge I have and how it might be useful to me.

So, aliens. What would they look like? Would they be interested in us? Would we ever be able to make contact with them considering how far away we are likely to live from each other?

Whilst looking into what an alien would look like I found many, many different opinions. I don’t know what I was expecting, a definitive answer?!

One guy was saying that different species can evolve similar features without ever being in contact with one another (convergent evolution for when you want to sound smart). So he thought that it was actually pretty likely that aliens would look similar to us because we have evolved pretty well to suit our environment. If the planet was similar to Earth then it makes sense that the life on the planet would be similar to Earth’s.

However, their planet may not be the same as ours. The gravity could be stronger, the atmosphere might be denser, or be made up of different gases altogether! They could have different ways of getting their energy than we do.

Maybe they have been around for so long that they are no longer made of flesh and are these weird, super advanced, sentient clouds. They might not have teeth! They could have scales! Or fur!

So the conclusion I came to was that my aliens could pretty much look however I wanted, as long as I have a half decent explanation as to how they evolved their weird and wonderful features. It is quite fun to not be limited, but also means I should get my thinking cap on when I think about what I want them to be.


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