I went to a Halloween House Crawl a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I might. Apart from the fun of dressing up and drinking maybe a little bit too much, parties with people the same age as me are quite enjoyable because we get it.

When we ask each other what we do, there is such variety of answers. When I say that I studied Physics and am working in a library while I figure out what to do, people nod along. They know how it feels!

While there are people who have it a bit more worked out, it is encouraging when someone else is equally clueless as to what they want to do. It is also nice when someone slightly older nods wisely and tries to give some advice, confident that I will work it out eventually.

I don’t think there is enough emphasis on the fact that the time after you leave education can just feel so directionless and scary. It’s so different to being in education with a clear timeline of how the next few years of your life will go. The real world is so different. I could do anything, and it’s all up to me!

I found it difficult to pick which fruit I wanted in the supermarket the other day, imagine how difficult it must be for me to choose what to do with my life.

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