It’s Too Dark!

This year I have well and truly gotten used to waking up early. Useful, but I would like it if I could get up a little bit later on the weekdays. I particularly think this in the winter because it is basically night time when I leave the house. I also have to be getting up even earlier thanks to rubbish buses (I know, I need to learn to drive, I know).

This is no time to be awake!

I definitely feel more tired when I don’t get my sunlight. It’s dark when I get up and dark when I leave work. I think this makes my body assume that it should just sleep all the time. Winter is the time of year when I fall asleep on my train home and risk waking up at a station by the sea, which would be nice, but also not particularly close to where I live. 

My friend H and I have also come up with a theory that we are actually cold blooded lizards. This is because when we are cold we slow down and don’t really move and need to sun ourselves on a rock. Then eat some flies and shed our skin. I think that metaphor went too far.

To combat this, I just try and stare out of the window at the sky if it’s a sunny day. You see body? It is daylight! I have also stopped wearing my contacts at work because tiredness plus dry eyes is just terrible. It does make me look slightly more intellectual though, so maybe that’s a good thing.

Such an intellectual.

I shouldn’t moan too much, how to people in Scandinavian countries cope?! Don’t they have like and hour of daylight in the winter? How do they handle that without hibernating?!


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