Something to Aim For

Last week I was a bit hard on myself for being lazy. I was half-heartedly applying for jobs, half-heartedly plodding along with NaNoWriMo (nowhere near 50k, but I’m still going with it), and thinking of blog post ideas but not really doing anything about it. There were a couple of evenings when I got in from work and by the time I went to bed I was not entirely sure what I had done during the time in between.

Sounds like I need some motivation! I think I need some goals or something, it can be hard to be productive without a clear goal to work towards. Surely that would keep me motivated and might make me a more productive human.

Last week was a week when the internet was most certainly not my friend. I scrolled through Facebook and twitter for much longer than usual without really paying attention to what I was looking at. While I think the internet is amazing I have noticed how it can distract you just enough to fill your time but can be mindless enough to not really be worth the time it sucks away.

So goal number one: less internet! I might try and find some kind of app or website that limits how long I can spend scrolling or something. Or I could just use some self-control, like they did in the olden days.


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