Something to Aim For #2

A few blog posts ago I was moaning about my recent laziness and endless scrolling through rubbish on my phone. Luckily I was self-aware enough to realise I was doing it and STOP. The goal: less internet has been achieved (kinda). It’s amazing how much easier it can be to stop myself scrolling when I am consciously thinking what on Earth am I doing? This is nonsense! Which is what makes up almost all of my facebook feed.

I want to make sure I actually fill my time well. Recently I have found that when I think of a blog post idea I realise I have totally already written about the exact same thing before. How do I stop being a broken record? By doing more things and reading more things and expanding my brain and all that. So my new goal is… more reading!

Books are always a good way to think of things in a  different way. I also bought a record number of second-hand books this year and I really need to start working on reading some of them. Especially as I asked for more books for ChristmasI may have a small problem.


The hat was also acquired this year.


As well as giving me more things to talk about, it might help me decide a bit more what direction I want to head in, especially if I read some non-fiction too! The best way to find out what interests you is to be interested in things! I don’t know whether that sentence is wonderfully profound or blindingly obvious. I’ll let the people decide.


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