Last year I wrote how I wasn’t going to freak out about my 24th birthday. Age is just a number, I have still grown up a bit blah blah blah. At the beginning of this year I turned 25.


Now I am not exactly freaking out about it, I’m just slightly surprised that I, ME, I’M 25. That’s a grown up age. More and more people on my facebook feed are doing those grown up things like buying houses and getting engaged and having babies. I’m not quite ready for any of those things yet (even I am impressed with how organised I’ve been about replacing my contraceptive implant), and I don’t find it upsetting when I see other people doing them, but some people really are grown ups by the time they’re 25.

And some of us aren’t. Some of us have no money and are a bit underemployed and don’t really know what we’re doing.

But it’s not like I haven’t made progress. In the past year I made it out of a relationship that wasn’t right for me and into one that definitely feels oh so right (with J, spider killer). I’ve also managed to meet some lovely people to live with and have a bit of a social circle that I didn’t have before. I live in a house with pets! There are animals I am partially responsible for!

I have also spent this evening watching Seinfeld on Amazon Prime and colouring in my new calendar with the pens I bought as a special treat after surviving a job interview (why couldn’t I think of a more exciting treat?!), it felt very mature.


I may start using being 25 as an excuse for the odd bit of being antisocial. My housemate’s friends were coming round last Friday for lots of drinking and then going out. I had been up since silly o’clock to go to work and then straight to my work’s belated Christmas meal. As I was trudging home in the rain at half 9 I thought to myself, I do not want to go out drinking! At first I felt guilty and boring. Then I remembered that I am 25, if I want to sit and drink wine with my boyfriend instead of dancing in a crowded room with students, then that is perfectly fine!

Oh man, maybe I am a grown up.

It’s been a big year. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. I did not come up with that, someone wiser than me definitely said that first.

It was Confucius, I think he might have been a bit clever or something.


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