Resolutions 2017

I am so late with coming up with New Years Resolutions that I have probably already broken a few of them. Come on Laura, get it together! This year I hope to make some headway in feeling a bit more like a grown up.

I started out this year with the aim of finding a new job and last week I only went and got one! I do like my current job, the people there are lovely and it is reasonably interesting. But it is horrible to get to, the pay is not good and there is not much opportunity for progression. I fancy a new challenge I am looking forward to what this new job brings!

2. GYM
Last year I joined the gym and actually stuck with it. This year I mainly just want to maintain the shape I am in, stay healthy and not get lazy with it. Going 3 times a week works well for me.

I went through many different posting frequencies last year. I loved it when I was posting 3 times a week and I would like to work up to doing that again, as well as trying to interact more with other blogs.

I took part in NaNoWriMo last year and I really want to finish the story I started. I should also generally write a bit more if I ever want to get impressively good at it.

I still haven’t finished the French part of Duolingo and this year I WILL, and then maybe I will find other things to help with my French too!

Last year my aim was to read 20 books and I think I only managed 13. I would love to read a bit more and fulfil this goal!

With a better-paid job, I should really work towards paying off that overdraft I have been living in since my student days. Plus there’s this thing people do which I believe is called saving money? Maybe I should get in on that.

I have mentioned many times how I am a messy person. The thing is, I don’t actually mind tidying my room. It is just the idea of it that puts me off. Once I get started, it’s fine! Then I have a nice tidy room. This year I would like to be a bit more house proud. I finally bought myself a bookshelf so that’s a good start.


Nobody said the bookshelf had to be tidy


I probably could think of a couple more to make it a nice round 10, but trying to keep 10 resolutions sounds a bit exhausting. I think all of these are pretty achievable and I am excited to try and keep them!


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