For When Things Seem Impossible

Some things seem like they’re impossible until you do them. When I started looking for new jobs the thought of actually getting an interview, asking for the day off so I could go to the interview, potentially getting the job, then having to hand in my notice all seemed very stressful.

I have no idea why! Once I had the interview date I told my manager I had been invited to an interview and asked for the day off. She was lovely and supportive and it felt much less stressful than lying about why I was taking the day off. I would not make a good spy, I do not have a good poker face.

Then I went to the interview (two interviews!) and it was all fine. I had to do a presentation for the second interview, which is something that usually fills me with dread, but I managed it. Then when I got offered the job I handed in my notice without any drama or worry.

It all went much smoother than I had built it up to be in my head. I don’t know why I had convinced myself that it would be so difficult and imagined so many obstacles in my way. People get new jobs all the time! Why did I imagine it would be so difficult for me?!

I think part of it is that when I compared myself to my coursemates from university, they all had impressive jobs that required a degree and I had yet to be offered one. I was starting to feel like there was something unemployable about me. But maybe I just needed a couple of years working to get more confident and be better at interviews and think about the kind of job I wanted.

Sometimes I think people expect graduates to go straight into a great career after graduating when really there’s nothing wrong with taking your time. I probably won’t be able to retire until I am 80 or something ridiculous, so I don’t know why I let myself get caught up into thinking that it was a race!

Anyway, I will try and remember that next time I freak out about not being at the same stage in life as everyone else. Everyone needs to go at their own pace, and there is nothing wrong with that.


2 thoughts on “For When Things Seem Impossible”

  1. I loved loved LOVED this post. I am feeling so very behind everybody else in terms of life stages. People I know are moving on and making friends and gaining experiences while I am just stagnating (it feels like). But you are so right, we do things at different paces, an that is completely okay 🙂

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