Getting Motivated

In an effort to make myself write more, I can’t buy pretty notebooks if I don’t at least attempt to fill them up, I got this book out of my local library.


Awaken the Writer Within sounded pretty promising. First, it told me to think about how I am most comfortable writing and how to stop my brain getting too tired (eat and drink!). Then it says to set a little bit of time for writing each day, even if it is only 10 minutes when you wake up.

I did just that and I felt like it worked so well that I have not read much more of the book. I awakened the writer within in the first chapter! I may or may not make myself try the other exercises in the book, but making myself write just as I woke up seems to be a great way for me to start my day. It also felt more effective than meditating for making me feel a bit more mindful and present, it really set me up for the day!

It has been very nice to get back into writing daily and making it more of a habit, now I just have to work out which bits are worth editing and sharing with the world!


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