This career thing

I started my new job last week and it is going pretty well!

I’ll be honest, I was slightly terrified before I started. Would I miss the bus? Would I get there only to find out they had never actually offered me a job? Would the people even like me? What if it turned out super stressful?!

Probably pretty standard questions that people think whenever they start a new job, or just generally make a big change. I know that I revert back to awkward teenager whenever I face new people and I do exactly what I did when I was an awkward 18-year-old starting university and trying my very hardest to make friends. I ask questions. So many questions. It makes my conversations seem a bit like interviews, but I am sure that as I get more settled I will talk a bit more like a normal, socialised human.

I guess that’s what experience teaches you, the knowledge that you have been through the scary situation before and survived it in your own way.

Anyway, the people all seem very nice and I have no doubt that I will make some friends. There’s also 2 camels by the kitchen area and I do not know why.


Uuum, hey?


I am still excited by the fact that I have my own desk! And I can make myself tea whenever I want! I may need to cut back on the tea making, my dependence on the stuff is already slightly alarming (a few days without it and I become an anxious, headachey mess…maybe I should just cut back on the caffeine).

And, most importantly, it seems like a place where interesting work is going on and where people with ambitions can work their way up. Maybe I will actually work out this whole having a career thing.

That’s right, after 2 and a half years of flailing around and having no idea what I am doing, things might be starting to fall into place. But I wouldn’t want to speak too soon, I’m not a grown up yet!


2 thoughts on “This career thing”

  1. Congrats on the start of the new career! If you have the will, you can go anywhere you want with this! Good luck! Oh! And maybe the camels are for hump day reminders?? Let us know when you know what they are for. Lol

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