What I’ve been reading #10

I had been meaning to read a Zadie Smith book for a while so used Christmas as an opportunity to ask for one. My brother kindly gave me On Beauty, so I read that at the beginning of this year.

I really enjoyed it, she is obviously and incredibly smart woman. I felt like I was getting more intellectual with every page! I also enjoyed reading a book where the family and some of the characters were mixed-race because that really doesn’t happen very often. It was nice that while part of the story was about race and dealing with it in America, there was also a lot more going on.  It definitely felt like a well-rounded story with interesting characters that felt like they could be real people.


So I would definitely recommend it as a book to read if you fancy your brain being stretched a bit. I always feel like I am missing something when I read books like this.

Anyway, my brain can always do with a bit of stretching, so I will definitely be on the lookout for more of her books.


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