Era’s Ending 

I just had my 3rd Annual Trip to the North to celebrate one of my university friends birthdays. He invites a bunch of us up every year and we all have a great time running  around and drinking too much.

This year was no different, we went to see George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic on the Friday night and it was fantastic. We all got very funky and went out afterwards. The next day my slightly hungover self got the offensively large American Breakfast from Weatherspoons (pancakes, bacon, maple syrup, hash browns, sausages and fried eggs). The hungover stomach is a dangerous thing. 

We also went out on Saturday night (after watching Eurovision and cheering far too loud when Australia gave us 12 points).

When I got home I was incredibly tired and grumpy. When I got up for work today I was even more tired and grumpy and fell asleep on the bus into work. I asked myself am I getting too old for this!? 

And then I remembered that my friend is set to finish his PhD this year and then will be going travelling. Next year, there will be no birthday weekend up north!

It is weird to think that this particular post-uni era of our lives is already over. It all feels like it is going by so quickly and reminds me of how impermanent and moving everything still is. It is also nice that we are all still friends even though life keeps moving on. Hopefully we will stay friends even as we keep getting older and less able to have two nights out in a row.

Maybe one day we will all be in our 40s having a nice, quiet evening in the pub.


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