Glastonbury Again

I went to Glastonbury Festival again this year. Of course, it was bloody amazing. The acts I enjoyed the most were not the ones I was really expecting, which is great. It makes me happy that sometimes it is just best to go with the flow and enjoy what comes along.

Craig David was enjoyable both for some serious nostalgia and also the fact that he was obviously so happy to be there. He kept saying my crew, I think he was referring to us! He also just seems like a cool, lovely guy.

Chic, who I wasn’t even sure I was going to see, were probably my absolute favourite. Nile Rodgers has written some bangers and I was dancing around like a madwoman the whole time he was on.

Emeli Sande also gets special mention for making me cry. It helps that she has a song that always makes me a little emotional, but when she sings it live and there is all that atmosphere? Well, I didn’t stand a chance.

We also had much of the same shenanigans as last year, but with the knowledge that we find the whole thing more exhausting each time we go. Glastonbury is not on next year and I like imagining what all of our lives will be like the next time we go, at least 2 years from now. How much more grown up will we be?


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