On not writing

While this year has been a good one for growing up and developing and all that jazz, it has not been a great one for writing.

This year I have learnt a lot, I have discovered what I actually want from a relationship and realised that I can actually ask for it. Apparently, you don’t have to just put up with things that make you miserable, who knew?

I have been working in a job that I did not even think existed and I am enjoying it. I have workmates that I see outside of work. I have a group of buddies I have lunch with, it is lovely.

I may have put the weight that I lost last year back on. I am still going to the gym, but the combination of working somewhere with free snacks and having a boyfriend who has a love of food has made it hard to keep the weight off. My plan is, lay off the free snacks and go to the gym more consistently. I am planning on still eating delicious food with J, let’s not do anything too drastic.

I have been reading more, thanks to having only one bus journey on my way to work I can actually settle in and read. It has been a good year for my Goodreads reading challenge!

I have finished the French section on Duolingo! I just need to work out what other free ways I can learn French.

I also made some good progress in learning Portuguese because I went to Portugal with J. I did not learn it well enough to speak it though, which was a shame because whenever I go to Europe people assume I am not English and speak to me in whatever language that country speaks. Imagine their disappointment when I awkwardly mumble back in English!

I have been more interested in the issues. Thanks to listening to the excellent podcast Another Round (as well as scrolling through Tumblr) I pay more attention to issues surrounding race and feminism and all that. I am pretty happy with how much more informed I feel.

But I haven’t been writing about it, and I am not really sure why. Probably laziness, definitely laziness. 

I don’t really need to go into wondering what the reason could be. The solution is simple: just write.

Easier said than done!


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